Solid New color 9ct Gold Charm Schnauzer Pendant $46 Solid 9ct Gold Schnauzer Charm Pendant Jewelry\ Bracelets\ Charm Bracelets 9ct,Pendant,/camber305327.html,Charm,Gold,$46,Solid,,Schnauzer,Jewelry\ , Bracelets\ , Charm Bracelets $46 Solid 9ct Gold Schnauzer Charm Pendant Jewelry\ Bracelets\ Charm Bracelets Solid New color 9ct Gold Charm Schnauzer Pendant 9ct,Pendant,/camber305327.html,Charm,Gold,$46,Solid,,Schnauzer,Jewelry\ , Bracelets\ , Charm Bracelets

Solid New color 9ct Gold Charm sold out Schnauzer Pendant

Solid 9ct Gold Schnauzer Charm Pendant


Solid 9ct Gold Schnauzer Charm Pendant

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Item Description


RRP - $179
Height: 14.0mm (not including jump ring)
Width: 3.3mm
Thickness: 14.0mm
Weight: 1.5 grams

All items are guaranteed to be 100% solid 9ct gold.

We are a Sydney based workshop specialising in handmade chains, bangles and rings as well as vintage jewellery and watches. Our goal is to provide our complete customer satisfaction. Every week a new lot of items are listed so there is always something special. All items listed are as described, otherwise you will be provided with a money back guarantee.


Solid 9ct Gold Schnauzer Charm Pendant

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