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Over item handling Graduated Bisbee Turquoise Quality inspection Bracelet Natural Unstabilized 10-13mm

Graduated Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet Natural Unstabilized 10-13mm


Graduated Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet Natural Unstabilized 10-13mm

*Graduated Unstabilized Bisbee Turquoise Beaded Bracelet*

This piece contains high grade, smooth, round, excellent luster and polish, graduated 10 mm to 13 mm genuine, rare unstabilized Bisbee Turquoise beads strung on elastic stretch cord for increased strength and durability. These particular Turquoise beads are clean natural and unstabilized meaning that it is pure Turquoise of the highest grade and without any added components such as resin to strengthen and preserve the Turquoise#39;s original color. Since natural unstabilized Turquoise is porous, grease and oil (skin oil, moisturizers, conditioners, cosmetic products) can change its color and weaken it by seeping into its pores. Untreated, natural Turquoise of the highest quality have a higher level of hardness and are more resistant to color changes but are certainly not immune. With aging, natural unstabilized Turquoises#39; vibrant blue colors can fade and turn into a greenish color with exposure to light, chemicals and extreme temperature changes. It is possible to have Turquoise that has turned green buffed and restored close to original color with expertise of experienced jewelers. Some wearers and collectors prefer to have pure natural Turquoise because the Turquoise grows and ages with them, building character, showing the marks of life journey and speaking bold and interesting stories all within it.

Please be careful with this piece, as it is unstabilized and therefore delicate. It needs more specialized care for longevity and preservation. Be careful when planning to stack this piece with other stone and metal pieces. Since unstabilized Turquoise is porous it will absorb fluid and chemicals such as oils that can alter its color and composition.

Please note that some beads in this piece have noticeable surface irregularities and some pitting.

[You will receive the same piece depicted in the original photography]

Please follow the sizing instructions for large diameter beads.

This particular Turquoise strand set is a high grade unstabilized limited edition piece.

Turquoise is an opaque blue to green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. The color range is incredible and varies from green, greenish blues to sky blue shades. For centuries, Turquoise has been used for jewelry and valuable ornaments and was used by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. The Aztecs mined Turquoise in areas now known as New Mexico, and a significant amount of Turquoise comes from Nevada, Arizona, and California. Turquoise was used as a sacred stone by many Native American tribes. Turquoise is said to have protective and healing properties. Turquoise attracts wealth, success and love. Turquoise strengthens and empowers the mind and body, gathers hope and courage, as well as offering ease and calm to the mind and nerves.

Bisbee Turquoise is one of the most beautiful types of Turquoise with striking true blue colors and a spectacular chocolate matrix. The highest quality Bisbee Turquoise is found in the famous Lavender Pit and contains a deep sky blue Turquoise with a purplish-chocolate brown matrix. The reputation of Bisbee Turquoise is a finely webbed stone with high blue color ranging from sky blue to dark lavender blue and with deep chocolate brown to black webbing. Bisbee Turquoise is one of the most sought after domestic Turquoise, highly collected, and perhaps the most famous mine in America. The Bisbee Mine in Arizona was originally founded in the 1870#39;s and by 1975 when it was closed, it had become the largest and richest mine the world had ever known producing billions of pounds of copper and millions of pounds of gold and silver. Turquoise and other minerals such as Malachite and Azurite were produced there as well, but mineral mining was not an objective at that time and any Turquoise or other gemstone material were discarded by the mining companies. It was only in the late 1950#39;s when a deposit of Turquoise was found in the Lavender Pit region of the Bisbee Mine and miners recognized the beauty of the Bisbee Turquoise, that the Bisbee Turquoise market soared. By the early 1960#39;s, demand went through the roof, but there were so many mining restrictions, limited access, and high cost of recovering the Turquoise that by the 1980s only small amounts of Bisbee Turquoise have surfaced since. There is very little Bisbee Turquoise available today, and that is what makes it exceptionally rare. Because of the relatively short supply and its unique beauty, Bisbee Turquoise has remained one of the most expensive Turquoise on the market.

[Please read our FAQs, Care Guidelines and Policies prior to any purchase. Research your particular stone of interest for specific care guides as some stones are delicate and require more care.]

Thread preference:
• Stretch floss is made up of multiple strands of stretch material woven together and can provide incredible stretch and recoil, while being less likely to permanently stretch out. It is not as strong as elastic cord, and frequently worn bracelets using stretch floss will generally need to be restrung at least once a year.
• Elastic cord is a transparent, singular, rubbery thread that is stronger than stretch floss but does not have as much stretch and recoil potential, making it more prone to breakage and permanently losing its elasticity when stretched to its limit. Elastic cord offers strength, durability and longevity, while stretch floss provides versatility and pliancy.
• It is recommended to restring bracelets at least every 1-2 years to maintain strength and elasticity.

Enjoy your bracelet!


Graduated Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet Natural Unstabilized 10-13mm

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