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your soulmate information! (custom)


your soulmate information! (custom)

hi! read me!

have you ever wondered what your soulmate is like?

i can help you uncover information about your special person :)

i use many divination tools, such as; pendulums, tarot, oracle, runes, casting lots, astrological placements, horary astrology and more.

•please choose the information you would like to find out!

- initials: first name and last name initials with an extra 3 important letters in their life.

-their rising sign: astrological rising sign (not sun sign!).

-when you’ll meet: a specific date/time frame.

-characteristics: eye and hair colour, height, and a paragraph of everything that i could find out!

-problems they face: anything they might be going through at that moment.

-their message for you: A letter from your soulmate. It’s everything they want you to know and more!

remember: the high majority of people have more than one soulmate in their life, and it does not always have to be a romantic connection!

please message me for any further questions :)

love always lt;3


your soulmate information! (custom)

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