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XL Rose 2021 Orgonite Blossom Ranking TOP5

XL Rose Blossom Orgonite


XL Rose Blossom Orgonite

This Orgonite was created during the last full moon of 2020, all of our pyramids are made in a loving and cleansing environment, all crystals are charged and placed in the pyramids with positive intentions. All of the information below will be given to you as a keepsake with your Orgone Pyramid.

this large orgonite pyramid measures 15cm x 15cm base and 15cm height. we have smaller orgonites available.

The main clear quartz at the top of the pyramid is wrapped in a copper coil.

*Crystals in the Orgonite*
When other crystals are placed in an orgonite their power is enhanced and amplified.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, as it opens that heart to all types of love—love of the self, love of family, love of friends and romantic love. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness of others, lowering stress and tension of the heart. It can clear out anger, jealously and resentment towards others, allowing the healing of heart issues caused by holding onto these negative emotions.

Copper is associated with the planet Venus, and the element of Water. It is primarily used for healing, luck and love. often associated with goddesses.
Copper is a good electrical conductor, and can be used to transfer spiritual energies too.

*The Benefits of Using Orgone Pyramids*

When placed in work, living or sleeping spaces, orgone pyramids have the ability to clean the energies in the room and protect the individuals from the EMF radiation. However, they have shown to have health benefits as well. Laboratory researches that when exposed to this resonance, living body cells strengthen up their immunity and reach optimal physical and psychological health. What orgone pyramids can do for you:
• Fight insomnia and improve sleep, vivid and pleasant dreams;
• Create a peaceful environment by enhancing the positive
energies in a room;
• Energize foods, water and boost plant growth;
• Protect from EMF radiation from electric and electronic
devices making them especially helpful for people living in big cities;
• Remove the stressors that affect us on unconscious levels
by projecting high vibrational energies;
• Help each individual on his/her specific imbalances as if
they “know” what you
need as well as spiritual growth;
• Access deeper meditative states, strengthen intentions
and visualisations;
• Improve immunity and resistance to illnesses as well as
enhanced energy levels
and feeling better overall;
• Heal the environments that need a thorough energetic

THE ORGONE PYRAMID – How Does It Work and Its Uses. The term orgonite refers to a mix of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin in a combination that is said to balance out the life-energy that we also know as prana, chi or orgone. This natural Earth energy is considered the most powerful energy there is and it resonates with Schumann’s fundamental global frequency of 7.83 Hz. This resonance is considered to be the “heartbeat” of our planet.

Orgone pyramids are made of a mix of organic (resin) and non-organic materials (metal shavings) that have the property of moving the orgone energy back and forth and act as a cleansing of the stagnant, negative energies. In other words, the organic materials absorb the vital, orgone energy, while the non-organic components disperse it back in all directions.


XL Rose Blossom Orgonite

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