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Close The Ranking TOP1 Distance Spell Long-Distance Bring Love free shipping Int

Close The Distance Spell // Long-Distance Love // Bring Love Int


Close The Distance Spell // Long-Distance Love // Bring Love Int

This is a spell made for long-distance relationships. It will help you move your relationship from online to reality. It will bring the two of you together, both in a romantic setting and physically, moving your lover closer to you or moving in with each other. For relationships that are still strictly long-distance, this spell will help you with patience and understanding, strengthening your connection despite the two of you being apart.

This spell is done with Light Magic. If you don#39;t know whether or not this spell will work for you, please contact me and I#39;ll give a free consultation and design a spell to your specific needs.

A SPELL UPGRADE is available for this spell to cut down the time of manifestation. Normally my spells take about 7-10 weeks but if you select the upgrade with your purchase you can cut down on the time to 2-6 weeks.


After purchase, please send me all of the following information in an Etsy message:
- Your first and last name.
- Your birthdate.
- A recent photo of you.
- If you have a target or are purchasing the spell for another person, I need their first and last name, their birthdate, and a recent photo of them (or as much of that information you have).
- The reason you’re purchasing the spell work.
- What outcome you want from the spell.
- Any details that have to do with your current situation that you think may be helpful to me while putting your spell together.

If you don#39;t know all of this info, it#39;s all right. I can still do your spell. We#39;ll just use something else to connect to.


Hello, I#39;m Grayson! I look forward to working with you. I have over a decade of experience with Light and Dark magic. I am a 4th generation practitioner, which means I inherited my gifts from my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Over the years I have assisted thousands of people in their spiritual journey. I can help you get what you want or obtain the outcome you desire.


My work is completely confidential. I am non-judgmental and want you to feel comfortable asking for anything you want. In my time I have seen it all and can honestly say there isn#39;t any situation that can#39;t be helped. My spells are fast and effective and my readings are honest and to the point.



This spell will be cast 100% by me. You will be completely hands-off, which is why no karma will be transferred to you. I will create a custom spell using a variation of herbs, crystals, oils, sigils, candles, and intentions for manifestations, and also seek the assistance of light or dark entities, angels, demons, or deities. The rituals or rites I perform have been passed down generationally through my family. Because of this, I will not be able to give you specific details of how I do my spells or take pictures of the progress of the ritual.

All spells are usually completed within 24 hours of purchase. The only exception is if it is my day off. If you purchase a spell on my day off, please be patient. I will get to your spell on the next business day. My shop hours of operation are Monday through Saturday in the evenings. I do not answer messages during the day because I work at night in order to perform my spells under the moon.

Nothing will be sent to you in the mail. You might receive a notification from Etsy once the spell is complete. This is just to inform you that the work is done. You will not receive anything from me via mail.

The manifestation time of your spell will be revealed to you upon completion of your spell. You may not see the effects of your spell until that time. Please be patient. There are a lot of forces at play when producing complex spells and having a calm and open mindset will only increase the strength of the bond.

If you do not see the effects of your spell right away, do not be discouraged. It does not mean that your spell has not worked. It may mean that your spell needs additional assistance in order to perform optimally. Sometimes the Universe is unpredictable and difficult to work with, so on the rare occurrence that there is no effect after your manifestation time, please contact me and I will consider offering a ONE-TIME re-casting free of charge. If, after the second casting, there is no effect, it may mean that the universe has another path for you.



Please leave a review. Reviews go a long way in building a shop here on Etsy. If you leave a review, please send me a screenshot of that review and I#39;ll send you a coupon for 20% off your next purchase.

Also, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.



- My shop has a strict no refund policy. I will work with specific cases though in case you double order or anything such as that.
- The outcome of your spell is not 100% guaranteed. I cannot control the outcome of spells, so therefore I cannot guarantee your spell will work.
- I can not legally answer questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues, or health issues. I am not a legal or medical professional. If you seek answers of this nature please contact a medical or financial professional.
- All Spells are done as entertainment only. This is not a substitute for professional care or advice.

By purchasing this spell you agree that:
- You are 18+.
- You are purchasing my services to perform this spell. You are not purchasing an outcome.
- Results are not guaranteed.
- You understand and agree to all disclaimers listed above.


Close The Distance Spell // Long-Distance Love // Bring Love Int

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