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Grief Journal At the price Sympathy Gift of Loss Child Parent Max 84% OFF

Grief Journal | Sympathy Gift | Loss of Child | Loss of Parent |


Grief Journal | Sympathy Gift | Loss of Child | Loss of Parent |

So the word is getting out and I have been inundated with orders this last week. I know this is a VERY cool thing......BUT it#39;s complicated. I make every single journal myself, with lots of thought and creative time spent on each and every journal. Then a very long thought-out letter is written to every recipient if I am provided info on the situation. Then I need to wrap every single one with lots of good vibes to ensure a smile is captured upon opening the package. I try to offer every single person hope after a death. I would prefer not to have to sell any journals. I started selling them to make money for the ones I give away. However in typical fashion that is not going well. I list a journal for $38, then I send $100 worth of stuff ;) My goal is to give them to everyone I hear about or see a tragic death story about for free. They are already emotionally broke. I know I can absolutely help them, so I try. The journal is just a gateway to get to the person. Although it is extremely beneficial, one can buy a journal from many places. So those that come in front of me are stuck if you will with me until I know they are okay. It could be a day or forever. I know I have saved lives, but I have to pull back the orders for a minute. I really want everyone to get the full deal with me (those that want to). I am at capacity. I will create a waiting list that you can sign up on.
And Hey, I promise I will get you through it. In the meantime, the answer is YES. YES!!!! You will be okay, I promise. xoxo Lori

Grief Journal
**I promise you** I will ~ 1) Make YOU the most fabulous Grief Journal. 2) Put lots of positive energy and good vibes into each journal. 3) Write a personalized thoughtful card that offers hope. 4) Wrap it perfectly for the recipient. 5) Send out via Priority Mail within 1- 31.54 hours. 6) Always be available to help you get through your darkest times with grief. 7) Use all profits to gift Grief Journals to strangers who have tragically lost a loved one.

Personalized Grief Journal
A blank book/journal to write memories and updates to your loved one who passed away. Journals are personalized specifically for the recipient. (See examples below)
As the memories are written, tears will flow. Afterward, you will feel your heart being a little happier. And I hands-down promise you that the day will come where you will cherish reading back on the memories long forgotten in your memory bank. It is also important to write/sprinkle updates on the pages. Do you ever think quot;I wish xx was here to see xxquot; and you end up obsessing over it and it makes you sad that the person who passed is not here to see various accomplishments or various life happenings? Here is the secret to not obsessing about it in your head. Write the person a letter. Tell them everything. Guess what happens?? You feel like they have been informed and you no longer obsess over it.

Length: 8.5quot;
Width: 5.5quot;
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 108 Acid-Free Paper Dotted Paper (Perfect to write doodle)
Elastic Closure Band
Ribbon Page Marker
Every Journal is beautifully wrapped prior to shipping
Shipped within 1 - 31.54 hours Priority USPS
For every Grief Journal purchased, at least one is given away free.

Personalized - With LOVE for you or your loved one. It can be a simple name, a poem, a few sentences, a saying, or memories of xx. We assist you with the perfect words or saying.

Thank you for supporting my small business. This is my passion and I am determined to give Grief Journals away to as many people as possible. On a daily basis, I see several heartbreaking stories about the loss of a loved one. I randomly reach out to these strangers and ask if I can send them a grief journal 100% free. I send the free ones, just like I do the purchased ones. Made with a lot of love, positive energy, wrapped beautifully, and shipped quickly. I never ask for anything in return and rarely even say I have a store that sells the journals. So again, thank you so much! You are making a difference in more than one person#39;s life.

Personalization Examples:

My Memories of First And/or Last Name
Memories of First And/or Last Name
First and Last Name Only
A Bible Verse with Memories of First/Last Name
Poem or encouraging words
Or ask us for recommendations.

Includes a blank card, or you can write a note now that we print on the card, or we can send a personalized message.

Dear (Their Name),

Words cannot express the sorrow (Your Name) feels for you during this difficult time. In an effort to try to ease your pain if not for a second (Your Name) wanted you to have this grief journal. 

We kindly suggest that the recipient use this journal to capture what is in their heart and memories. Starting with the most recent and going backward from there.  The purpose is to begin healing your soul as you write down your stories and memories. Tears are expected to flow freely during this process, but not absolute. (There is no right or wrong way to grieve, some of us cry non stop and others are unable to shed any tears. Both hearts in a million pieces)  The most precious outcome will be when you read the stories years down the road. The small stuff you wrote about that is long forgotten in your memory. As you read them you smile and reflect. We promise you, this day will come.  

With love,
(Your Name)

If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, please message me. I get it. I was there 21 years ago when my husband of 5 weeks was killed by a stray bullet while driving. I never thought I would make it beyond the first year. Here I am 21+ years later and I am okay. I never thought I would be able to say that sentence again. quot;I am okayquot;. I still miss him and think of him daily, but now I smile and have gratitude that he was even in my life, albeit for a very short time.


Grief Journal | Sympathy Gift | Loss of Child | Loss of Parent |

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