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Pink Prayer Rug Kids Cust Mat Phoenix Mall Personalized San Antonio Mall

Pink Prayer Rug, Kids Prayer Rug, Personalized, Prayer Mat, Cust


Pink Prayer Rug, Kids Prayer Rug, Personalized, Prayer Mat, Cust

Pink Prayer Rug, Kids Prayer Rug, Personalized, Prayer Mat, Custom Prayer Mat, Small Prayer Rug, First Prayer Rug, Birthday Gift, Kids Gift


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• Prayer, the most sacred worship of the Islamic faith, is the most beautiful way of connecting the creature with Allah (the creator). There are a number of issues that need to be considered while performing the prayer, one of which is the performing of prayer in full submission. The basis of this is laid by cleanliness. In our religion, where cleanliness comes from faith, the area where prayer will be performed must be purified from dirt. Prayer rugs fulfill this function. There are religious motifs on prayer rugs designed in a rectangular shape.
• Today#39;s prayer rug models are designed with traditional and modern motifs. Meticulously designed to increase the pleasure of praying, prayer rugs also allow comfortable worship with their soft textures. With so many alternatives, prayer rugs also offer options compatible with your home interior decoration. Whether stored in a spread or folded form, they also appeal to the eye with their patterns and elegant lines.
• While you can use the prayer rugs yourself, they also offer a nice gift option for newly married couples, relatives or children who have just started to pray. While fulfilling the requirements of the religion of Islam, they could also help you to be instrumental for people.
• You can examine and buy our prayer rugs, which we have meticulously produced for our Muslim brothers. Our prayer rugs, produced both for gifting or daily use, will both increase the pleasure of worship and create the most beautiful gift option. Each material used in the production of our prayer rugs is harmless quality materials that do not threaten human health. You can order with peace of mind.
• Prayer rugs are generally thought to be produced for adults. However, in today#39;s world, parents give children#39;s prayer rugs to their children in order to instill an enjoyable tendency towards prayer thus increasing the tendency to pray at a young age.
• With different models designed for boys and girls, your children will both learn and have fun and make the sanctity of worship the center of their lives. The materials we use in the production of children#39;s prayer rugs are quality materials as we consider the health of children. On the other hand, there is a personalized digital printing feature to make your children feel special. With each personalized children#39;s prayer rug, your children will be attracted to prayer and children of all ages will be happy with colorful chirping children#39;s prayer rug models.
• There are many options from the prayer rug you will use in the house to the carpet prayer rug models that you will give as a gift. There are some demands on the selection of prayer rugs. We appeal to all kinds of demands, from thick prayer rugs to antibacterial, dowry, printing type and personalization.
• This gives an idea about the prayer rug that you will use in the selection of prayer rugs. The motifs on the thick prayer rug or the digital print prayer rug make it possible to find a prayer rug with any pattern you want. The motifs are usually altar and Islamic patterns, but they are customizable. The name-specific prayer rug, which is produced optionally for both children and adults, makes the person feel special. However, for a small child, the first steps of starting the prayer become enjoyable. Children#39;s prayer rugs can be named or consist of motifs that can be played outside of prayer. They include road figures on which you can drive, religious information and many other activities.
• When you want the best for children and your loved ones, a comfortable worship experience comes in the first place. Meeting the demands of those who are looking for soft prayer rugs, our prayer rugs ensure that you are satisfied with every experience. Our company, which considers the comfort of the knee caps especially while bowing to prostration, offers you a unique prayer opportunity with its soft tissue prayer rug production.
• Prayer is a form of worship that requires mobility. Individuals with joint problems or the elderly may have difficulties while praying. For this reason, soft prayer rugs may be your choice to make praying easier. Carpet prayer rug models provide maximum benefit at this point. It is useful to choose soft prayer rugs to protect the joints in contact with the ground and prevent knee pain. Carpet prayer rugs are also preferred for their soft texture. Soft ground is very important for the prayer performed in motion. At this point, carpet prayer rugs provide a great advantage. As parents, you can safely choose children#39;s prayer rugs, which are produced from quality materials by considering the health of children.
• Our children#39;s prayer rug, produced from 8 mm thick and 4 mm sponge-backed fabric carpets, will provide an unforgettable prayer experience thanks to its soft texture. The soft prayer rug will make it possible for your children to perform their prayers in comfort, and will make the prayer enjoyable. Thick children#39;s prayer rugs, which offer comfort on the knees and elbows, help a comfortable prayer and make it more efficient. Another type of children#39;s prayer rug that will attract the attention of your children is named prayer rugs. Your children will feel important and special with the name-specific prayer rug. This experience is special and remarkable for every child who prays on digitally printed prayer rugs with their name on it. Name-specific prayer rugs, which emphasize the sense of belonging, make prayer popular and facilitate learning.
• Children#39;s prayer rugs, one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your child, can make not only your own child happy, but also your nephew or your friend#39;s child. Your children will love children#39;s prayer rugs, which are the most special form of encouraging children to pray.
• Children#39;s prayer rugs, which appeal to children from all age groups, are also produced without a pattern. Patternless prayer rug models are available as an alternative for children who do not want patterns on them and like simplicity. Each children#39;s prayer rug, designed by paying attention to the age ranges of children, is extremely enjoyable with their soft texture and dimensions compatible with the height and age range. Since the act of praying is instilled in the youngest ages, baby prayer rugs are produced for 2-3 year old babies. Baby prayer rugs, which are produced in small sizes compared to children#39;s prayer rugs, are the starting point of prayer education even when crawling at a young age. Small prayer rugs are the most meaningful gifts that can be given to children for their birthdays when they first start praying.
• One of the most meaningful gifts you will give to your loved ones, prayer rugs ensure that they have a pleasant memory every time they are used. There are many prayer rug models to make your loved ones feel special. There are many options available, from personalized names to digital print motifs and carpet weaving models. Among these options, finding the most special prayer and giving it as a gift shows how important your loved one is. On the other hand, for individuals who are preparing for marriage, we have dowry prayer rug models that will support both their marriage life and the life in the hereafter.

 Our prayer rugs are made of first quality, soft and 4 mm sponge-backed material and are 6 mm thick. Specially designed and patterned, digitally printed, non-slip based, non-pictured carpet weaving prayer rug
Our prayer rugs do not contain any harmful dyes, plastic and carcinogenic substances and are resistant to abrasion. It does not shed or collect fluff, does not smell and is easy to clean. It can be washed in the washing machine at 80 ° F


Pink Prayer Rug, Kids Prayer Rug, Personalized, Prayer Mat, Cust

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